Poalgi was born in 1990, in a small warehouse in a polygon of Alginet, with only a few employees. Our staff begins its journey before, in sectors such as ceramics and composites, betting on its new business philosophy, for the insertion in transformation processes
more in line with the industrial reality. That same year we created our first BASIC collection, made in Roc-Glas.

Since then and to date we have grown to be more than 40 employees and expand our facilities to 6000  currently. We have created five more collections of sinks: Gandia (2007), Kuma (2007), Shira (2009), Zie (2014) and City (2017), we have also entered the bathroom sector with three collections of shower trays: Hos’s, Gneis and Clay and our collection of Litos countertops. This has caused that we can separate the lines of product being born thus poalgi | KITCHEN and poalgi | BATH

Since 1995, we have participated in fairs in our sector such as Maderalia, Cevisama or SICI nationwide, and in international fairs such as SIB or TURKEY BUILD.

Our Roc-Stone material, elaborated with mineral loads, has been certified after an R & D & I project by AENOR, getting our products to pass the quality exams carried out by the ISO

Website: https://poalgi.es/